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Tatiana Firmen, New York City

Tatiana Firmen, New York City

My experience the C2EA so far has been delightful and education.  Being a transgender and coming on this trip.. I was a little leary, but  I was greeted the moment I arrived and I felt like I was home.  I was treated with respect.  We started off with a rally in New York City, that had me really going.  I learned a lot at that rally.  When we arrived in Philly and I met Waheeda Shabazz-El from CHAMP/Act-UP Philly – we were greeted with happiness, smiles, hugs and LOVE.  We are being treated like we need to be treated, like family.  I have gained good insight in working with AIDS.  Being on this trip has made me realize I want to continue doing this work.  The road trip being on the road was great (drawing on the van things like “HONK to STAND AGAINST AIDS”  – and people actually HONKED.  When we arrived to the Church in Washington DC, we were given hugs, food and shelter.  I’m very grateful that God has given me this opportunity and I hope to have more great experiences like  this first couple of days on the road.



– Tatiana


Written by standagainstaids

September 28, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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