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We’re in Oxford

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hi! We’ve made it! Yesterday all (or at least most) of the caravaners arrived in Oxford, Mississippi. After meeting at parking lot where lots of hugs were exchanged between old and new friends. We had a great press conference on the steps of the town square,where we got a lot of local coverage. Larry Bryant, Robin Webb of Mississippi and a bunch of other folks talked about why we need a National AIDS Strategy.

Also speaking was Zachariah, a 21-year old who’s about to join the national guard. When he say the walkers in Greenwood, he was heading to the recruitment center to work out. Why not just walk for exercise, he thought? So he joined the Stand Against AIDS and is currently camped out with everyone else. “End AIDS Now!” he yelled at the rally. There were 38 pairs of shoes displayed in honor of the 38 Americans that die of AIDS (a ¬†PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE disease) every day.

About 75 folks are here from New York, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Texas, Virginia, Florida and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, Everyone is spread out between two campsites and right now is media trainng. We’re having another rally today then a get-to-know you bbq.


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September 24, 2008 at 3:59 pm

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