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The Honor of Commitment

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The Honor of Commitment
The Honor of Commitment

When asked to participate in this adventure to Oxford,Mississippi and represent others living with this virus and to hold our elected officals accountable to our trust and faith to commitment to a cause that has devastated our communities across this nation. i was overwelmed with the greatest honor, i am from Harlem and am with Harlem United an agency that services a large community of HIV + people who are tired of the constant battle to maintain an integerty of life when budgets are always being cut as though life has no meaning. NO MORE; the people at Housing Works and teams of other agencies across this nation have had enough and with this carvan we are bringing the vocies of those living with this virus to the faces of the presidential canidates.

    in this journey begining in New York City we have ventured through New Jersey, Philidelphia, Delaware, Maryland,now taking a break in our wonderful national capitol,but to say thus far the commitment of the people we have met, the compassion and kindness with purpose to life has been incredible. every experience has had a combined spirit of love, here is a great shout out to the ACT_UP branch in Philadelphia for bringing us into your homes,sharing your passions to this fight THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
   This team put the only barbque together for us and had the greatest welcoming with construction cones blocking the parking spaces for our vans and with the rest of the evening it was not boring again THANK YOU Act-Up in Philidelphia, now lets not leave out New Jersey NJCRI this agency has such a commitment to their communities that they serve, i  felt the love to their clients as if i was back at our own agency in Harlem, but right now there is so much i can say if i sit here any longer i will have writen a book, for tonight GOOD Night and thank you all for your support in this everone cause.

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September 21, 2008 at 12:31 am

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