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Northeastern caravan in NYC today!

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Larry Bryant, Kevin Gavit, Larry Day, Michael Shankle, Dennis Weakley

Larry Bryant, Kevin Gavit, Larry Day, Michael Shankle, Dennis Weakley in Boston

The Northeastern caravan arrived in the NYC after midnight after a whirlwind Northeast world tour to walk the Brooklyn Bridge today to a rally at City Hall. And it’s 71 degrees and sunny in the city, so Stand Against AIDS if you’re in NYC!

Some Northeastern highlights of the past 36 hours:

After the awesome rally in Portland, Maine, Larry Bryant and Dennis Weakley went to Boston for a town hall meeting in the evening. The AIDS Action Committee facilitated a great town hall meeting, where Bostonians expressed outrage about the state’s rise in reported infection rates.

The next morning they headed to Albany (Dennis’s home court) where New York State Senator Neil Breslin, Dan Butterworth (Provider) of the Schenectady Damien Center and Jason Ward (provider/consumer) of In Our Own Voices.  The event focused  on the Strategy and how it should address the disparities in care particularly in places like upstate New York.  Upstate New York relies on Part B funding, so there are minimal local appropriations, if any, to programs that deal with AIDS and HIV, poverty, and homelessness.

And the caravaners stayed on message. When a reporter asked Dennis what he thought about the fact that Wall Street’s crashing before our eyes, Dennis responded, “I’m most worried about how the people living on $5 a day are going to afford to eat.

“I’m not talking about AIDS,” snapped back the reporter.

“Neither am I,” said Dennis.


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September 18, 2008 at 1:57 pm

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  1. Larry I applaud you and every brave and courageous soul that is participating in the “Stand Against Aids”

    I admire your passion and dedication as well as theirs for” Fighting” for this cause.

    Much Love and Respect

    Sharon Johnston

    September 21, 2008 at 9:09 pm

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